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10 Modern Coffee Tables That Will Suit Your Interior Design

Coffee tables have always been an important part of the living room. That’s why we would like to introduce you 10 modern coffee tables that will perfectly suit your interior design. 


Sequoia is one of the largest and tallest trees in the world that grows in California. Sequoia tree inspired BRABBU designers to create this coffee table which proves the beauty of the action of time. SEQUOIA Center Table by BRABBU  is a force of Nature.

10 Modern Coffee Tables That Will Suit Your Interior Design

MECCA Center Table by BRABBU will enhance any modern interior design.

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The modern geometric shape will add an interesting look to the traditional coffee table. The functional bonus of having a glass coffee table is that it brings a new-fashioned twist to any traditional décor.

10 Modern Coffee Tables That Will Suit Your Interior Design

The pyramid of stones on the shore of Lake Baikal, known as Latza. Inspired by nature, BRABBU designers created LATZA Center Table.

A metal coffee table adds a classic look. Metal lights can seem intimidating because of how bold and demanding they are. However, when you work with a metal coffee table, you need a bold piece that will attract the attention of you and your guests at home.

Copper coffee tables add a metallic touch to your home, which is an ideal combination when it is associated with neutral cones such as gray, black and white. Having one or more fills the space and creates a focus for your living room.

You can have your coffee tables, candles and even a small floral arrangement on the table since it offers two levels that you can use as you please.

The beauty of having an unfinished wooden coffee table is that many of them come in complex and organic forms. With that said, you can even make your coffee table by putting a couple of wooden pieces together and creating a unique one of the good coffee tables.

Stunning gold coffee table ideally matches with ESSEX Swivel Chair by Portuguese brand BRABBU. This chair will add a refined elegance to any living room set that only velvet chairs are capable of.

Instead of always sitting on your couch, why not sit on the floor and enjoy a cup of coffee right from your coffee table. It is also a modern view of the usual height of the coffee table.  the trend this year is to have an ultra-low coffee table. The idea is to have a coffee table that is almost on the ground.

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