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Davis Furniture: Aesthetic, Philosophy and Supreme Design

The Davis Furniture story reflects the “spirit of enterprise”. Danny Davis, the current President of Davis Furniture Industries, best explains the company’s philosophy:

‘It’s all about the product, and the product is about design.’ At Davis, with every product we bring to the drawing table…the focus is always about design…the aesthetics of the design…the function of the design…and the value of the design. This is what our customers look to Davis to offer them.”

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Davis Furniture’s mission is to be a leader in the contract furniture industry for superior design in aesthetics and function with an international contemporary influence while maintaining a dedication to their customers by providing superior service and overall value with the highest corporate integrity.

Always looking to the future of work environments and how the company can offer cutting-edge products with innovative design, function, and aesthetics that make the workplace more appealing.

We bring you some of their most staggering modern tables designs!

Davis Furniture
X2 Designed by Dante Bonuccelli

X2 by Dante Bonuccelli is a uniquely delicate solid wood piece. The flawless design enables minimal use of material with maximum resilience. Featuring perfectly prepared solid wood using only the necessary materials, X2 combines the most beautiful natural material with truly innovative design.

Tune Designed by jehs+laub

Tune by jehs+laub is a versatile table collection with a unique functionality and intelligent design. This collection features modular and freestanding tables, all available with integrated power/data and unique design features to heighten visual interest and functionality. Tune is an intelligently design table collection with the flexibility to fit any occasion.

Tix Conference Designed by Dante Bonuccelli

TIX is a statement of sustainability and beauty. Designed by Dante Bonucelli, the TIX Collection is a testament to the timeless quality of solid wood and the beauty of nature. TIX Conference tables showcase the splendor of solid wood while combining functionality with the highest aesthetic standards. Each table is unique according to the individual tree used to create it, meticulously crafted by wood artisans.

Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


Ekko Designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

With its fascinating architectural form and interesting mix of materials, Wolfgang C.R. Mezger’s Ekko table creates a new level of style in conference rooms and personal office spaces alike. The crisp, clean lines and unapologetically simple aesthetics make a bold statement no matter the application. A variety of materials and Ekko’s striking architecture make it a beautiful addition to corporate interiors everywhere.

Apex Designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

Apex embodies the height of functionality and design. Offered in a full array of shapes and sizes, Apex is perfect for conferencing, small meetings, or high-end cafes. Constructed through a fusion of wood and steel, Apex utilizes smart engineering to maintain the Davis standard of beauty, strength, and design.


Span is a table that dares to push the limits of design and engineering. A super-slim conference and working table, Span is able to support lengths up to 144 inches on just four legs. Deceivingly slender, innovative construction allows for a table series that is impossibly thin and yet is sturdy and reliable with the ability to support high traffic use.

A-Table Designed by jehs+laub

The A-Table by jehs+laub makes a clear statement in any café, seminar, training room, or space that requires flexibility. This ideal working table utilizes clean lines and good design to hide its functional complexity. A perfect match for the A-Chair, the eye-catching A-frame of the base borders the table on either side with a distinctive style that reveals the collection’s namesake.

Prat Designed by Davis Design Team

Prat is an iconic reimagining of a classic table design. Serving a broad range of functions from conference tables to cafes, Prat is one of Davis’ most highly customizable pieces. Available in a wide range of heights, widths, and lengths, Prat is an unparalleled design for any environment with impeccable details and the highest manufacturing standards.

Inform Designed by Davis Design Team

Inform’s effortless beauty is carried throughout a wide range of tables and benches that uniquely cater to the flexible commercial spaces of the 21st century. These informal, working, communal tables provide all of the functionality needed in a modern space while maintaining an unmatched level of beauty and style.

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