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Dining Table Trends for the Fall Winter Season

Upon being closer and closer to the fall winter season, the dining table you choose has a big impact on your décor as well as when it comes to your confort. So take a look at all of the different options that can give your place a boost for the next season.

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Black on Black

The black on black contrast is edgy, it is fun, and it is trendy.

Black on black is the perfect way to bring a rich twist to a modern space. This style is not only trendy, but it works very well in a space that needs darker hues to balance the space. Have a black table paired with black chairs to create the black on black color scheme.

A Touch of Bohemian

Having different chairs adds to the boho chic feel of the dining room. It is also a great way to have different shapes and colors into the room without disrupting the decor.

Bohemian has been in this entire year and your dining room will not be an exception. Adding a touch of Boho adds a relaxing feel to your dining room. Have a simple wooden table combined with mismatched chairs for the Bohemian feel that is also very trendy. Add colorful chairs into the mix for an upscale feel.

Glass Galore

Glass tables are great because they work well in any area and with any decor. The key is adding bright and crisp colors in the surrounding area. Doing so will enhance the glass table.

Glass tables used to be a staple in every home. Even though this trend has subsided for some time it is back and bigger than ever. Add a glass table to your dining space for a cool yet contemporary feel. Pair it with large cushion like chairs for a bold contrast. You may even want to consider adding colorful chairs as well.

Green Is In

Do not be afraid of using bold shades of green. Lime green works beautifully in a neutral tone dining room.

Just like you can create a trendy space with orange chairs you can do the same with bold green chairs as well. Adding green chairs brings out the dark hues you may already have in the dining area. Green is an eye-catching tone that blends well with dark, rich hues such as mahogany, chestnut, burgundy, and even sand. Incorporating these tones with shades of green will make a powerful statement.


Four Chairs Only

Four chairs are always a good look when you have a modern dining table display. To give it an even more of an upgrade have them in a bold color such as red, navy, and/or green.

Take a six-chair table and only add four for a contemporary twist on a classic. Having only four chairs will give you a more chic and upscale feel to a traditional seating space. This works best when you are working with a light tone table such as sand, beige, and/or taupe. Working with these colors is easy and can enhance your dining room space.

Touch of Orange

Pair your orange dining chair with fresh flowers to enhance the color scheme you are using. Fresh flowers will make the dining room appear more put together.

Orange is not only in for the fall season, but it is also in as a pop of color in the home. Incorporate large orange chairs to a wooden table for a modern twist. The large orange chairs will bring color and vibrancy to the space while still being elegant. Doing so will add visual appeal to the dining room space.

Sophisticated Twist

Having a bare wooden table will emphasize the beauty of the space while giving it an upscale look that is also sophisticated when it is paired with cushion-likechairs.

Roundtables are on trend. The idea of having a roundtable is having a sophisticated table this is also small yet put together. Pair it with soft cushion-like chairs for the ultimate sophisticated twist. You may want to keep this table with a tablecloth at all times for the upscale feel.

Elegant Bench

A bench is elegant, modern, fun, and/trendy. Therefore, adding it to your dining table can make a huge difference in the way your dining room is portrayed.

One of the best aspects of having a bench as part of your dining table is that it is versatile enough that it adds extra seating area while looking elegant. Adding an elegant touch will bring your entire décor together while still being modern. This creates a contrast between the two that works beautifully together.


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Do you have any favorite modern tables from this selection? For more inspiration, don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest!

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