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How to Clean & Care for Crystal Chandeliers to Maintain their Beauty

Knowing how to properly clean and care for crystal chandeliers is the most important step in keeping it as beautiful as the first day it was put up!

Crystal chandeliers are extremely glamorous pieces. They can be THAT piece in your home that turns heads and everyone covets. But to keep it as shiny and beautiful all the time you must know how to care for it properly.

Cleaning chandeliers, especially large ones, as you may guess is not an easy task, all the delicate details and crystal pieces need to be handled very gently and with the right products. And of course, there’s the disassemble and put back together part.

If you recently got a crystal chandelier for your home and you are worried about how you will care for it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Products Instructions

First of all, if available, you should consult the product’s instructions. These are usually written by the manufacturer and very specific to the product you bought. For example, LUXXU has its own instructions on this subject.

Keep the dust away

It’s one of the most important steps, as dust takes the shine and sparkle out of crystal surfaces you should definitely pay attention to this regularly. Follow the steps below for an effective, no fuss, cleaning:

  • Turn off the electricity
  • Make sure the light bulbs are tightly screwed on. You can cover them with plastics and rubber bands for additional security.
  • Place a towel on the floor below the chandelier
  • With a spray bottle, filled with a proper crystal cleaner, spray the chandelier.
  • Let it drip-dry.

Cleaning Stubborn Dirt

Supposing you did not clean the dust frequently and the dust became very dark and dense the previous method will not work. It can also accumulate grease when located in a kitchen. If this is the case, you will need to take the chandelier apart and clean the crystals individually. To do so, you must be very careful as not to scratch them. Follow the steps below:

  • Fill a basin with a solution of warm water and a proper crystal cleaner.
  • Fill a second basin of warm other mixed with a little bit of ammonia – to rinse the crystals. (note: check manual to see if you can use ammonia)
  • Dissemble it (see below our tips).
  • Place the crystals very gently in the first basin
  • Then rinse in the second basin
  • Wipe each crystal with a soft cotton cloth (no paper towels or disposable wipes)
  • Hang it back up (see our tips below)

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Disassembling a chandelier

It is very important that you know what you are doing, first because you don’t want to damage any of the crystal pieces and second because you don’t want to forget where the pieces belong. So before you start taking it down, take a picture, so you know the right place for everything.  Second, remove a few pieces at a time, do the cleaning process and then only take more after you’ve put them back up.

Hanging it back up

Now it’s the most difficult part. If you took a picture or notes on where the pieces belong it’s a lot easier, so don’t forget that. But when it’s actually time to put it back up you need to be extra gentle, to not scratch or even break the crystal and to not leave fingerprints behind. To avoid leaving marks, use cotton gloves when handling the gentle pieces. These tips also apply for when you want to change lightbulbs.

How frequently should you clean crystal chandeliers?

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