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Linley: Dining Tables with Legacy

Founded thirty-five years ago by David Linley, Linley is one of the most renowned names in the design industry. With the aim of designing and manufacturing furniture of the highest quality, Linley has worked closely,  over the years with designers and craftsmen to ensure that each piece has those quintessentially British characteristics of inventiveness, meticulous attention to detail, ingenuity, creative spirit, eccentricity, sophistication, wit and charm. We show you their dining tables collection, one of the main legacy products of the firm.

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Linley: Dining Tables with Legacy

With its simplicity and clean design, the elegant new Evolution Collection adheres to LINLEY’s ethos of fusing contemporary design with exquisite cabinetmaking. The Evolution Dining Table has been hand-crafted using a combination of fumed eucalyptus, dark stained walnut, walnut with bronze detail on the feet.


The Monte Dining Table is part of the Linley Modern range, a luxe take on the mid-20th century design aesthetic. The table features an angular base that catches the light from every angle and is inspired by the faceted cabinetry, glassware and lighting detail prevalent in mid-20th century design. Veneered in fumed eucalyptus with a high gloss finish, the table is a deep chocolate brown in colour with dark shadows and light-catching highlights in the grain figure. The rich detail in the timber makes it appear almost three-dimensional.


The Savile Round Dining Table, designed by Matthew Hilton for LINLEY, is created in dark stained oak. The top is inlaid with three different hand-dyed tay veneers.

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This Helix Dining Table can be an an elegant, modern dining suite that will be a focal point of your dining room. At either end of the table there are hidden drawers, one for cutlery and the other for table linen. The tabletop is supported by a stainless steel core base.


The Ziricote Dining table draws inspiration from the swirling gas clouds on Jupiter. The striking veneer mimics the unique and marbled grain. The parquetry pattern created exclusively for this range uses timber sourced from Europe, carefully hand-selected from one tree for its precise grain and coloration. Each individual piece has been selected and placed to display the sap detailing. The Ziricote Table is a result of exceptional craftsmanship and long hours of delicate construction.


The Savile Dining Table, designed by Matthew Hilton for LINLEY, is created in dark stained oak. The top is inlaid with three different hand-dyed tayveneers.


The Torque dining table combines our signature use of wood and unrivalled craftsmanship to suggest movement as depicted famously in the sinuous architecture of the Guggenheim Museum or contemporary fashion. Flowing like the pleats of a dress, the sculptural base supports a stunning tabletop inspired in-turn by the iris on a camera. Featuring veneers that swirl around a lazy Susan hewn from marble and set flush into the tabletop, the table seats eight in comfort.

Design Lounge: Dining  Tables with Style and Quality

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