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Modern Tables Design By Top Interior Designers From London

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas for modern tables!
London is the United Kingdom’s capital city. A vibrant location that is a melting pot of cultures and lifestyles, with a lot of great interior designers!

Modern Tables Design By Top Interior Designers From London

Modern Tables designed by the top interior designers in London

Several interior design firms with a strong reputation for quality, dependability, and attention to detail are included in this article.

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Best Interior Designers from United Kingdom

Modern Table – by Top Interior Designers from London

Below is a list of London’s finest Interior Designers, who help form the spaces within the city’s most prominent architectural structures.

Modern Table Inspiration from Top Interior Designers

1- Adam Bray Design

interior designers look by Adam Bray
Credits: Adam Bray

Adam Bray was one of three runners up in Homes and Garden’s Designer of the Year for 2020 and is known for creating rooms that are comfortable and unpretentious yet shot through with character and a touch of glamour. He was also featured in House & Garden’s top 100 interior designers list and British Vogue’s Secret Address Book.

2- Alexander Waterworth Interiors

interior designers look by Alexander Waterworth
Credits: Alexander Waterworth

Alexander Waterworth Interiors focuses on projecting hospitality and residential interior designs, and their projects are distinguished by the delicacy of the contemporary-classic style.

Modern Tables Design By Top Interior Designers From London

3- Amos & Amos Ltd

interior designers look by Amos & Amos
Credits: Amos & Amos

This company is a multi-disciplinary interior architectural and interior designers studio that works on a wide range of worldwide projects in the residential, retail, and commercial sectors and each project will make your jaw drop.

Get the look

Get the look

4- Ash Design London

interior designers look by Ash Design
Credits: Ash Design

Born in Paris and relocating to London in 2010, he has a distinctively French aesthetic that includes a masterful blend of modern design and a contemporary edge.

A collection of curated interiors

5- BDP

interior designers look by BDP
Credits: BDP

BDP Architects, Designers, Engineers, and Urbanists is a significant multinational firm of architects, interior designers, engineers, and urbanists. They build exceptional environments for individuals. We create integrated, holistic, and long-term solutions by working in interdisciplinary teams. We have cutting-edge expertise across a wide range of industries thanks to their combined depth of experience.

Modern Tables Design By Top Interior Designers From London

6- Ben Pentreath

interior designers look by Ben Pentreath
Credits: Ben Pentreath

Ben Pentreath combines bold contemporary fabric and furniture with strong use of color, pattern, and classical detail, drawing inspiration from the great English practitioners of the 1960s and 1970s.

7- Benjamin West London

interior designers look by Benjamin West London
Credits: Benjamin West London

Benjamin West London is pleased to be the most experienced firm in its field, having worked with countless large companies in 40 countries and six territories around the world.

8- Céline Jedidi

interior designers look by Céline Jedidi
Credits: Céline Jedidi

Céline Jedidi does not require an introduction. Bococo Homes’ lead designer has been making waves in the design world with her stunning classic, elegant, and eclectic interiors.

9- Daniel Hopwood

interior designers look by Daniel Hopwood
Credits: Daniel Hopwood

After launching Studio Hopwood in 1993, Daniel Hopwood was named Director of Continuing Professional Development at the British Institute of Interior Design, and eventually President. Daniel is one of the industry’s most adventurous interior designers and is the first point of contact for style-conscious clients in London and overseas.

10- DH Liberty

interior designers look by DH liberty
Credits: DH Liberty

DH Liberty is a group of architecturally qualified interior designers and project managers hailing from a variety of countries who received their education at top colleges in the United States and Europe. They offer new ideas to projects and share a vision of blending the creative and technical to create designs that are both attractive and functional. This incredibly creative Interior Design firm is a fantastic source of inspiration, with a diverse portfolio of work.

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