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Unusual Table Designs

Unusual table designs are part of interior design culture. It is inevitable to innovate without being considered unusual at some point. It is part of the process.

Creativity has been the roots of all art pieces. In interior design, there is plenty of room for creativity. But it always needs to be in touch with reality. Sometimes certain items become too artistic for their purpose. This is the moment when unusual furniture emerges. Unusual doesn’t mean ugly, it just means something the normal eyes aren’t used to see. Ultimately it’s up to each individual to distinguish an item from being just bizarre and ugly or beautiful and elegant.

Unusual Table Designs
Unusual Table Design – Boca do Lobo

This centre table by Boca do Lobo, is definitely a one of a kind item. It has an unusual table design but still offers a unique luxurious look to the ambience.

Lapiaz Centre Table

Unusual Table Designs

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Unsual Table Design
Unusual Table Design – Boca do Lobo

Another unusual table design, this one is made by Boca do Lobo. This Monet Table has a unique shape and beautiful finishings. It offers different looks to choose from. There are golden, platinum, silver and copper colour styles available.

Monet Centre Table

Unusual Table Designs

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Unusual Table Designs
Unusual Table Design – Essential Home

Florence Centre Table

Unusual Table Designs

Once again, we are presented with an unusual table design. This time provided by Essential Home, which focuses on mid-century furniture designs. What makes this table unusual, is the contrast between the marble stone top side and smooth velvet texture on the rims. Nonetheless, this table brings a great amount of elegance to the room. This unusual table in combination with many other Essential Home items raise this interior design to another level.


Unusual Table Designs
Unusual Table Design – BRABBU Design Forces

BRABBU Designs Forces displays a beautiful interior decoration with an unusual table design, LATZA Centre Table.

LATZA Centre Table

Unusual Table Designs

This Centre Table has a premium look, despite having an unusual shape and form. BRABBU believes in embracing nature’s beauty and energy and taking it into interior decoration. This leads to creating unusual and one of a kind interior furniture designs, that ultimately translate into luxurious and premium.


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