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Chic Books to Add to Your Coffee Table Decor

It’s the easiest decorating trick to master: Just put a book on it. A gorgeous coffee table book, to be exact. Fat tomes on divine design and epic interiors never fail to transform a dull table into perfectly tablescape Insta-bait.

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But you should not forget that your coffee table library is an indicator of personal taste and passions, and it says more about your cultural caliber than you may realize. That is why it is important to have a responsible attitude to the choice of coffee-table books. Must-read classics or the recently published newcomers, it is always your choice, but we would like to offer you a selection of interesting books that can also become a perfect decor element for your coffee table:

Chic Books to Add to Your Coffee Table DecorChanel: Collections and Creations by Daniele Bott

The book explores five central themes―the suit, the camellia, jewelry, makeup and perfume, the little black dress―and follows the threads from past to present to show how these key items have been rediscovered and reinvented by new designers. It includes many previously unpublished archive photographs and original drawings by Karl Lagerfeld, as well as glorious images from some of the greatest names in fashion photography.

Chic Books to Add to Your Coffee Table DecorDesign Brooklyn: Renovation, Restoration, Innovation, Industry by Anne Hellman

It is a visual exploration of the unique and diverse architecture, interiors, and design of public and private spaces in today’s Brooklyn, from mechanics’ shops renovated into restaurants, to newly built museums, to restored brownstones and modern townhouses. Chapters focusing on renovation, restoration, innovation, and industry come to life with more than 150 original photographs representing various neighborhoods and trends.

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Chic Books to Add to Your Coffee Table DecorDrop by Byron Hawes

The ‘drop’ might be a modest word, but in the fashion lexicon, it captures the zeitgeist of streetwear religion. The barrier between a street and ‘high’ fashion has blurred with limited edition streetwear pieces that draw in thousands of hopeful purchasers who travel between continents to secure a hyped item. New York-based writer and designer Byron Hawes takes us on a photographic journey of how hoodies and sneakers have become coveted cult items. This photo-series documents people queueing outside stores at new product launches across the globe, from brands including Supreme, Yeezy, Vetements, Off-White, and others.

Chic Books to Add to Your Coffee Table Decor

Handbags: A Love Story by Monica Botkier

Considered an item of investment and longevity, the luxury handbag has a heritage second-to-none in the fashion world. No one understands what makes a bag an ‘it bag’ better than award-winning accessories designer Monica Botkier. Handbags: A Love Story tells exactly that, in an homage to 70 iconic bags over a 75-year history. From the Hermès Birkin to the Chanel Boy bag, Botkier explores designs that have shaped feminine identity through 200 photographs, vintage advertisements, and illustrations as well as interviews with designers, stylists, and editors.

Chic Books to Add to Your Coffee Table Decor

Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits by Glenda Bailey

Harper’s Bazaar is America’s longest-running fashion magazine, revered for its style-setting contributions to fashion, photography, and graphic design. Under the direction of Glenda Bailey in this decade, the magazine has maintained its position as a prominent cultural icon. Bailey is known for commissioning dazzling visual features that frame fashion in the context of contemporary pop culture and aesthetics. Shot by well-known photographers and featuring supermodels and supercelebrities, Bazaar’s fashion photography is always beautiful—and entertaining. Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits is a collection of more than 300 photographs that chronicle the best fashion of our time. A celebration of fashion, a romp through a riotous and eventful decade, and a banquet of contemporary imagery, Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits is also a glamorous object in itself.

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