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Nature-inspired Tables for every Home Division

Nature-inspired Tables for your home will be today’s topic. In your home, you must choose wisely all the elements that fill the interior. They should make sense together, creating a story where every element has its own perk and importance. One of the latest trends for 2022 is nature-inspired elements, and nature-inspired tables did not escape the list. Take a look at these designs.

Nature-inspired Tables

Uplift your home design

modern reading corner with nature-inspired table

In this modern reading corner, is the unique design of the LATZA Side Table that stands out. Featuring a top in walnut root veneer with a matte varnish and details in matte hammered brushed aged brass, this walnut side table is synonym of practicability and style.

B8 Architecture
modern dining room design with nature-inspired table

Nature can be present in every single detail of the interior. In this dining area, the green and golden details are present especially on the AGRA III Dining Table. This impressive table is a delicate form of work with robust forest green marble details.

modern dining room with nature-inspired table

The brown earthly tones of this dining room stand out from the rawness of the materials. While the IBIS Dining Chairs give a touch of functionality, the KOI II Dining Table adds elegance.

modern dining room with nature-inspired table

Have you ever seen a nature-inspired dining table? Because APIS Dining Table is the perfect example. This round dining table has a large tabletop in stained oak with brass details and a base in matte brass, making it the perfect addition to every modern eating set.

B8 Architecture

modern round nature-inspired table

If you are looking for a larger nature-inspired table, then APIS II Dining Table is the way to go. With the same characteristics as the previous modern table, this dining table sets the tone with its large top covering a large group of friends and family.

modern dining table

Nature-inspired elements do not need to be inserted in nature-inspired interiors as well. This modern simplistic interior is proof: that you can create more with less. The natural element is the PLATEAU II Dining Table with its unique design.

modern living room with nature-inspired center table

What if you choose to put a nature-inspired center table in the heart of your living room? The look couldn’t look better. This is the power of the SEQUOIA Center Table and its unique design.

modern living roon design with nature-inspired tables

At last, the KOI family shows its center, side I and II Tables and the energy of these tables change completely the room. Inspired by the Koi carp, a recurring symbol in Japanese culture, these tables with a base in brushed aged brass and top in marble change completely the scenario of every interior.

B8 Architecture

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