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Console Table Décor: Step-by-Step Guide

Whether it’s in an entryway, hallway, or living room, a console table is a perfect way to show off your home decorating style. No matter which decor style you favor, you can create a gorgeous console table display in just a few easy steps.

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Console Table Décor: Step-by-Step Guide

We would like to offer you a small guide to make your console table expertly styled:

Console Table Décor: Step-by-Step GuideStart with Your Surface

Any size or style of a console will do, from a glamorous metallic model to a rustic weathered-wood design. Any size or style of a console will do, from a glamorous metallic model to a rustic weathered-wood design.

Console Table Décor: Step-by-Step GuideAdd Statement-Making Art

Whether it’s a transporting seascape photograph, a vibrant floral still life, or a bold abstraction, look for an oversize work that can visually anchor your console on the wall. The frame should be narrower than the width of your table by a few inches on each side; this will keep the vignette from feeling top-heavy.

Console Table Décor: Step-by-Step Guide

Console Table Décor: Step-by-Step GuideStack Books and Boxes

On each shelf, create one or two stacks of books (oversize design tomes work well) and decorative boxes. These will act as pedestals for accents, allowing you to place items at varying heights to create an engaging visual rhythm.

Console Table Décor: Step-by-Step GuideGive It Some Height

Be sure to bring in at least one piece that’s taller than the lower edge of the artwork’s frame; this will help to unify the art and the vignette below it. Here, you can see a single silver candlestick with a sculptural silhouette that echoes the abstract forms of the painting. Other worthy candidates include oversize vases, colorful ginger jars, or brass sculptures.

Console Table Décor: Step-by-Step GuideStart Layering in Accents

Place one or two sculptural pieces on each shelf; these will help you start to see your final arrangement taking shape.

Console Table Décor: Step-by-Step Guide

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Console Table Décor: Step-by-Step GuideFill Out the Shelves

In the empty spaces between accents and on top of your books and boxes, cluster smaller objects (ceramic vessels, petite figurines, a collection of shells—anything goes) in sets of two or three. There’s no right or wrong way to approach this step, so simply consider what looks most pleasing to your eye.

Console Table Décor: Step-by-Step GuideLight It Up

Whether it’s a gorgeous table lamp, a swing-arm task lamp, or even a picture light, every console could use a light source—after all, you want to highlight that gorgeous vignette you just created.

Console Table Décor: Step-by-Step GuideThe Result

We hope that now it will be easier for you to make the perfect decor for your console!

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