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Decus Interiors: Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables

Decus Interiors is an interior design studio, located in Sydney, and in this article, you will find gorgeous designs with Modern Tables, made in the vast projects carried out by this studio.

Decus Interiors: Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables

Modern Tables

Decus Interiors appreciates great design in all of its forms. As purveyors of the unique and unexpected, each Decus project is driven by the belief that interiors can have a substantial and positive influence on our daily lives. Their work strives to strike a continual balance between the exquisite and the controversial, the quirky and the classic, the austere and the colourful.

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Modern Tables

Decus Interiors believes that each design process is unique and draws on all aspects of the good life – art, fashion, graphics, and architecture – to create homes that inspire, nourish, and question the status quo.

Their award-winning staff is involved in all aspects of the design and production of imaginative, well-thought-out residences. Decus Interiors has extensive expertise in design and decorating, architecture, project management, and sourcing.

Decus Interiors: Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables

1. Modern Tables – COASTAL HOME 1

Decus Interiors honoured the history of this grand old dame with a deliberate and layered interplay of traditional and contemporary design, embracing the inherent polarity through the harmonious application of deft detailing, sympathetic palette, and a rock-star collection of Australian art that influenced the eclecticism of finishes.

Defying the stereotype of a seaside pastiche, lavish modifications and modern addition to this listed heritage property mix refined curation with easygoing, beachfront living.

Decus Interiors Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables

2. Modern Tables – COASTAL HOME 2

Each room in this family home for seven is filled with a distinct personality, inspired by the different and young people. Decus Interiors created each area to grow with its inhabitant, allowing the chance to play, entertain, or seek quiet sanctuary, striking a balance between the sumptuous and the fun; a genuine home for all ages.

This modern addition to a deliberately un-beachy coastal home radiates optimism with its textural materiality, vibrant palette, and infusions of silliness.

Decus Interiors Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables

3. Modern Tables – COVE HOUSE

A neutral, sharp, and brilliant palette complimented a captivating language of clean and pared-back elegance throughout, mixing a young design with periods of calm and subtle layering found within the finest craftsmanship and exceptional materiality.

In this modern Sydney property, the shadow of a cool Eucalypt and the shimmering light on the water below influence a subtle and textured sophistication for indoor-outdoor living.

Decus Interiors Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables

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Decus Interiors: Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables


4. Modern Tables – HILL HOUSE

Decus Interiors harmonized exquisite materiality and the specification of timeless handcrafted furniture pieces to meticulously build a resounding feeling of home for this busy family of six, layering an energetic and warm hue with the selection of whimsical art.

With a modern spin. This family house was built to endure a lifetime, combining a traditional but contemporary interior from which to enjoy a breathtaking perspective of the city skyline.

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5. Modern Tables – KILLCARE HOUSE

Initially briefed with a decorative scope to compliment Square Design’s architecture, Decus Interiors’ involvement gradually expanded to include design cooperation on architectural requirements.

The end effect is a highly layered home with a dark, dramatic design palette and characterful decorating. They developed a sanctuary that fulfils each resident’s notion of home, from the speakeasy bar to the woven bronze mesh masking state-of-the-art AV equipment in the living room.

Decus Interiors Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables



6. Modern Tables – TERRACE HOUSE

Decus Interiors thoughtfully acknowledged the classical sensibility of the historic structure while reimagining the home for twenty-first-century living, providing a timeless interior marked by delicate size and craftsmanship. Curves that are deliberately clean and straightforward glide easily throughout, while emerald accents invigorate the understated yet modern palette.

The youthful enthusiasm of a young couple and their kid prompted a metamorphosis radiating moments of serene elegance and vibrant splendour for this rebuilt Victorian terrace.

Decus Interiors Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables

7. Modern Tables – NORTH BONDI HOME

Decus Interiors used a subdued colour palette to create a minimalist, pared-back house that echoes the soothing seaside views without competing with them. Curves were incorporated to make the interiors organic and feminine, such as the handmade solid bronze ribbon that flows down the staircase and acts as a railing.

They worked with small areas to ensure they could fit the client’s hectic lifestyle, proving that beautiful, luxury design does not necessarily necessitate a large footprint.

Decus Interiors Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables

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8. Modern Tables – FAIRLIGHT HOUSE

Recognizing the Northern Beaches setting, Decus Interiors made a conscious decision to avoid constructing a stereotypical ‘beach home’ style.

Joinery panelling, polished concrete floors, smoked oak timber, bronze mesh, black steel-framed windows, and thick woven linen are all used to create texture. Statement lighting adds a dramatic touch of refinement to the already relaxed atmosphere.

Decus Interiors Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables

9. Modern Tables – TAMARAMA HOUSE

Decus Interiors generated pockets of moodiness throughout the home by employing a high-contrast, monochromatic foundation palette to encourage a natural balance and a necessary break from the lightness outside.

The furniture, lighting, and soft furnishings throughout the living rooms were inspired by key works of art from the customers’ collection. As a consequence, the house transitions seamlessly from smart-casual by day to a cocktail party by night.

Decus Interiors Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables

10. Modern Tables – BELLEVUE HILL HOUSE

Decus Interiors expertly selected the new area’s rich and tactile material palette, allowing daily areas to function as formal places for grown-up gatherings.

Being an active person, the home needed to be strong while still being beautiful and functional. To provide rich dimension to high-traffic spaces, they chose dramatic materials like terrazzo in the bathrooms, steel-framed French doors, and finely panelled ceilings.

Decus Interiors Gorgeous Designs With Modern Tables


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