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Studio Loft Kolasiński: Center Table

Studio Loft Kolasiński interior design and center table ideas. Loft Kolasiński does both interior and industrial design. They have offices in Berlin, Warsaw, and Szczecin. Having been featured in several interior design and architecture magazines, like AD, Elle Decor, WOHN!DESIGN, DWELL, and more!

Center Table Interior Design from Studio Loft Kolasiński

Studio Loft Kolasiński has a special appreciation for pieces made between the 1920s and the 1970s. Being the reason they most often than not use unusual, vintage furniture, lighting, ceramics, prints, rugs, and carpets. When renovating a space (or a piece of furniture) they preserve their original character.

We have often made interior designs of unique properties such as adaptations of lofts, industrial buildings, or old houses.

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studio loft kolanski, best interior deisgenr sof berlinStudio Loft Kolasiński Take on Center Table

They give advice and share their knowledge while cooperating with specialists from rare and specialized industries. For interior design projects, they often use bespoke furniture.

Center Table on Projects from Studio Loft Kolasiński

Adaptation of a forge

Studio Loft Kolasiński Center Table_ adaptation of a forge living room with a white single sofa, a green sofa, and a center table in marble
Loft Kolasiński

The house, which has a total area of 140 m2, has a closed patio on the side of the living room, separated from the adjacent carpentry shop by a brick wall. The most important goal of the project was to create an open space that seems larger than it is. Therefore, we removed part of the ceiling above the living room.

adaptation of a forge_Studio Loft Kolasiński Center Table_close up of the center table in black with a white rug underneath
Loft Kolasiński

The project Adaptation of a forge was renovated last year.

borneo collection Loft Kolasiński Center Table

Guest house in the countryside

Stuudio Loft Kolasiński Center Table_ guest house in the countryside living room with a wood center table, 2 grey sofas and a rug
Loft Kolasiński

Loft Kolasiński restored part of the furniture and vintage lighting from the house when doing the interior design renovation.

House in Pogodno 3

Studio Loft Kolasiński Center Table_ house in Pogodno living room with blue sofas, a rug and a wood center table.
Loft Kolasiński

Interior design by Studio Loft Kolasiński in the House of Pogodno 3, with blue sofas and a unique and modern center table.

the opoluent Studio Loft Kolasiński Center Table

Apartment by Łazienki Królewskie park

Studio Loft Kolasiński Center Table_ apartment by lakienzi living room with a grey sofa, a grey rug and 2 center tables.
Loft Kolasiński

For this project Studio, Loft Kolasiński designs the interiors, as well as some of the furniture.

Get The Look

Studio Loft Kolasiński Center Table

Get The Look

Flat from 1936 in Warsaw (Ochota 2)

Studio Loft Kolasiński Center Table_ flat from 1936 livig room with a view to the dining table, orange dinig chairs, a modern center table in white, a grey sofa and a chandelier
Joel Hauck

Loft Kolasiński’s scope of work for this loft was interior design, reconstruction and renovation, and designing part of the furniture. 


Studio Loft Kolasiński Center Table_ attic apartment in a tenement house from 1911 in cracow living space with a marble center table, a grey sofa and a grey rug underneath with a view to the kitchen
Joel Hauck

Renovation of an old tenement house in Cracow into a modern attic apartment with a minimalist style.


Studio Loft Kolasiński Center Table_QBIK loft woronicza warsaw living room with a grey sofa, a grey rug and a wood center table, 3 pendant lights and an amazing view behind
Joel Hauck

Interior design and partial reconstruction of several rooms, design of some furniture, renovation of vintage furniture and accessories.

House from 1923 (Pogodno 6)

Studio Loft Kolasiński House from 1923 (Pogodno 6) livng room with a grey armchair, a colorfull rug, a glass center table and some ceilling lights
Joel Hauck

Interior design, plan of reconstruction of all rooms, design of part of the furniture, furniture, and vintage lighting renovation with a modern glass center table.

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