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Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration

Y Interiors is a Floresville, Texas-based residential and commercial interior design company. Yussy El-Hibri, an award-winning interior designer, and her design team are committed to producing unique and extraordinary modern interiors in the greater San Antonio area. Y Interiors is qualified to assist in any interior design needs since they have a genuine passion for design and a commitment to perfection.

Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration. BRABBU stock list.

Y Interiors: The Team

Their client-centric staff at Y Interiors is committed to building a room that meets their specific demands while also being attractive, elegant, and timeless. Their design process is based on dialogue and driven by deliberate choices that will enhance your space and allow it to serve as a catalyst for the incredible moments that lie ahead. Whether designing a private residence for a chosen few or a commercial place for everyone to enjoy, their process begins with dialogue and concludes with customer pleasure. They ensure that the customers’ voices are heard and their vision is understood at every stage of the design process, and they prepare them for the stunning reveal.

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Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration. Best Interior Designers From Texas Book.

Y Interiors: Meet The Interior Designer

Y Interiors’ principal interior designer and visionary are Yussy El-Hibri. She designs luxurious and inviting commercial, hospitality, and residential environments that are inspired by nature and rooted in a timeless design. Her richly travelled life has allowed her the opportunity to design for high-end clients across the country and add a deep sense of trip, romance, and experience to every room, thanks to her tri-citizenship in the United States, Lebanon, and Germany.
Her client-focused and solution-based design style are centred on communication, attention to detail, smoothly coordinated planning, and wow-factor reveals. Yussy’s designs are elevated, modern, and fitted, with organic forms and well-managed material selections. Through sumptuous textures, beautiful marbles, and sleek metallics, they inspire a sense of warmth and narrative.

Y Interiors: Yussy El-Hibri’s Background

Yussy is an allied ASID interior designer who has studied communication, rhetoric, and design. She has over a decade of hands-on expertise in luxury interior design in both high-end commercial and residential projects. Her background provides her with the distinct benefit of being able to communicate not just through the design of the space, but also to work effectively to understand the demands of her clients. Commercial restaurant spaces for renowned chefs, multimillion-dollar apartment structures, and award-winning personal houses appropriate for both celebrity-level events and calm lounging are among her notable design work.


Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration. A long table with an organic shape.
Y Interiors

The ranch life takes on a whole new dimension. The Marfa Ranch House concept combines a homey, welcoming look with commercial-grade durability. This huge 10,000-square-foot mansion on 70,000 acres in the Texas desert beds 25 guests.

Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration. An exquisite center table with a natural look.
Y Interiors

The natural desert scenery surrounding the residence inspired the architecture of this project. Rustic earth tones, rich leathers, and organic forms contrast with exposed beams, white Texas limestone, and paintings depicting ranch life’s simplicity. Clean, modern lines contrast with handcrafted Ganado print linens, leather, and live edge wood pieces, lending an elevated rustic vibe to the space.


Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration. A small office table in white and gold.
Y Interiors

Palm Springs-inspired mid-century design, nordic minimalism, and Hollywood Hills glamour throw a house party together at the North Olive residence, in the historic district of San Antonio.

Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration. A round center table in the living area of a living room.
Y Interiors

This complete refurbishment combines relaxed design with sophisticated elegance.

Inspired by the look

Inspired by the look


Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration. In this living area there are two geometrical shaped center tables, and a geometrical side table with translucid details.
Y Interiors

In the  Calcasieu apartments in downtown San Antonio, rich heritage meets modern beauty.

Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration. This side table has a geometrical shape, its translucid material gives it a unique touch.
Y Interiors

This multimillion-dollar makeover requires a delicate balance of classical craftsmanship and contemporary luxury.

Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration. Collected Living Rooms Book.


Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration. This unique center table has an interesting design. three round tops together ending in thiner legs.
Y Interiors

The museum reach lofts are located between the San Antonio River and the San Antonio Museum of Art, both of which served as inspiration for this unique Y Interiors design. The core communal areas are inspired by nature and contain organic-inspired decorations. 

Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration. This living area has a stylish center table in a peculiar shape.
Y Interiors

These dark yet welcome common areas create a magnificent first impression while also providing a cosy haven for residents to unwind.


Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration. There are two center tables with the same design, side by side, but one of them in a smaller size. They have an oval shape and four thin legs.
Y Interiors

The major design element of this corporate office refurbishment is “loving where you work.” Throughout the work and reception rooms, bold rich colours, fashionable accessories, luxurious furnishings, and vivid textiles have revived a formerly dull, monotonous, and clinical place. Adequate closed storage solutions keep office files safe while also providing an easy-to-use organization system.

Y Interiors: Modern Table Inspiration.
The same happens in this living area, there are two center tables with the same design, side by side, but one smaller than the other. They have a round top and a large round leg.
Y Interiors

Clients and partners are met with a relaxing and attractive waiting area where they may unwind before a fruitful meeting in the conference room, where a bespoke art installation mimicking hatching eggs represents the sprouting of new and bright ideas. Employees at this company can now feel proud and excited about their workplace.

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